August 28, 2006

Beach House

"...dreamy, languid, back-to-the-womb slow pop."

I haven't stumbled upon a band more aptly named than Beach House in quite some time. But this isn't your average beach house, this one is filled with warm, thick saltwater which lifts and soothes you. And in this audio aquarium you are now the fish, a sleek golden fish, a goldfish, swimming in the cupped hands of your mother. Or maybe, this music simply makes you feel good... it's one or the other and sometimes both. The Baltimore based duo are Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, and they, as Beach House, make dreamy, languid, back-to-the-womb slow pop.

From their self-titled album on Carpark Records...
+ saltwater [mp3] - release date October 3/06

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  1. Anonymous4:59:00 PM

    Awesome! See you at the MTV awards next year darhling!