April 19, 2007

Beirut's New Album Details

I came across this news item on billboard.com:

Michael D. Ayers, N.Y.

Blog-driven indie rock sensation Beirut is putting the final touches on the follow-up to 2006's "Gulag Orkestar," tentatively due in September. Twelve songs are being eyed to make the final cut for the as-yet-untitled set.

"I've finished what I'm capable of doing, and from here, I'm taking it to mixing," Beirut founder Zach Condon tells Billboard.com. "Owen Pallet [of Montreal group Final Fantasy] is going to help out with some string arrangements. The influences are coming from a different place; it's not heavily a Balkan aesthetic. I was listening to a lot of old French songs, but I'm taking it in my direction."


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I was listening to "Postcards From Italy" yesterday on my Zen and then it came on at the bookstore I was in later that same day... it was a lovely reminder of how great that song is.

postcards from italy [mp3]

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