September 26, 2007

Beirut:: 'The Flying Club Cup' Videos

Beirut will unveil their new record on BaDaBing! this coming October 9th. And the good and giving folks at la blogotheque have been shooting live performance videos of each and every song from that very album, The Flying Club Cup, on Beirut's home turf of Brooklyn. Check the album site for more videos in the days leading up to the album's release.

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"La Banlieue"


"Un Dernier Verre"

"Forks And Knives (La Fete)"

"The Penalty"



  1. Hi Alan,
    How are you doin'? I don't like The Flying Club Cup much, the previous Beirut was better.

  2. Hi Bulut,
    I'm fine, but this new Beirut is my favourite. I like it much more than his last full length album.