June 27, 2013

Gold Plated Diapers: Spoon "Lines In The Suit" MP3

So spare, so crisp, like a collar-less dress shirt, freshly laundered. White, starched... slip it on and button it up. You'd swear you can smell hot metal and steam on the papery cuffs as you finger comb your hair. Spoon is all about control—neat, folded, pressed—ready-to-wear out of the package. Pull the top one from it's paper wrapper and snap it in the air... that starchy crack is Spoon. But it's not all clean and smooth, this is music with it's roots in the dirt... born of sweaty rock 'n roll, of R 'n B, and that dirt comes via the gritty, grimy scrape of Britt Daniels' vocals.

lines in the suit - from the band's third album, Girls Can Tell (2001)
(mp3 courtesy of epitonic.com)

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