November 28, 2005

My Project: Blue

My Project Blue, free and legal mp3 available belowThe young Canadian band, My Project: Blue, is quite often described with reference to David Bowie, but I don't hear it. What I do hear is a striking similarity to Dan Bejar (Destroyer). Bejar crossed with Lou Reed in this song especially. But then Bejar himself has been oft described as a Bowie acolyte, a disciple at the altar of the David, by those who hear Mr Jones in Mr Bejar's music... I don't. Not usually. When I listen to this My Project: Blue song, I most definitely hear the 'voice-made-for-indie' nasal essence of BC native, Dan Bejar. And, yes, some glam elements are present in My Project: Blue music, hell, you can almost see the glitter on the guitar, where it has fallen all the way from the '70s. All right... it's Dan Bejar vocals, '70's glam vibe, and '80's new wave instruments. And I'll admit Bowie has influenced all of these elements. It's just that I don't hear the direct connection... do you?

+ control of me
from the My Project: Blue EP released Canada: October 11, 2005 - USA: November 15, 2005

Track Listing
1. Messed Up In the Heart
2. These Re-Occuring Nightmares
3. The Boy Who Wore Red
4. Control Of Me
5. Consume

Band Site:
Label: Boompa

Released: November 29th

Here are the new releases for tomorrow, November 29th, at Insound.

11/29/05 Arctic Monkeys Arctic Monkeys EP
11/29/05 Bonobo Solid Steel Presents: It Came
11/29/05 Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene (2xLP)
11/29/05 Caribou Marino
11/29/05 Cuts I'm Not Down/I Love You 7'
11/29/05 Darkness One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back
11/29/05 Ennio Morricone Crime and Dissonance
11/29/05 Greenhornes Sewed Soles
11/29/05 Hot Chip Coming on Strong
11/29/05 Hot Chip Over and Over
11/29/05 Secret Mommy Very Rec

What's Up at eMusic? Free MP3s!

Once again I've spent valuable time on the eMusic site [my favourite digital download site]. And this is what I've found and sampled...

Rarities by Ron Sexsmith
You Are My Sister by Antony and the Johnsons [single off the I Am A Bird Now LP - with a few non-album tracks]
Antics Remixes by Interpol
The Complete Upsetter Singles 1970-1972 by Bob Marley and the Wailers
Tony Hawks American Wasteland Soundtrack by Various Artists

If you'd like to check out these, or many other independent artists, look into eMusic's trial offer of 50 Free Downloads, no strings.

Dancing About Architecture

The San Francisco Chronicle eulogizes CDs and name checks several mp3 blogs, *Sixeyes included.
"They're overpriced, ugly and don't even make good rearview mirror ornaments. Now that we know they are also potentially poisonous to personal computers, thanks to Sony BMG's rogue copy-protection technology, there's really no reason to buy another compact disc ever again."

* * * * * * * *

Tufts Daily reviews Wilco's Kicking Television.
"While not perfect, "Kicking Television" is a great snapshot of one of the standout live performers in American indie rock."
* * * * * * * * *

ChartAttack interviews Rogue Wave.

* * * * * * * * *

The Guardian reviews Antony and the Johnsons live performance at the Grand Opera House, York, England.

* * * * * * * * *

Jack Rabid, editor and chief writer of one of the best and biggest music mags out there, The Big Takeover, has just unveiled the mag's new website and it features his weekly Top Ten list.

November 27, 2005

Can You Help Bob Wiseman?

Bob Wiseman, free mp3s available below

Bob Wiseman is a very talented Canadian indie musician who would like to make some headway south of the border. I have seen him perform and can attest to his improvisational talents, musically, as well as performance wise. A while back I did a post on him which included a few links to mp3s [I have included a number of further mp3 links at the bottom of this post]. Bob Wiseman contacted me in the hope that *sixeyes readers in the biz could help out. Here is the 'open letter to American labels' he sent...

"Dear ....,

Bob Wiseman here. Do you have any smallish acts, solo, duo(?) who might be into the following trade with me? I would take them through the following Canadian dates in March/06.

Victoria BC [British Columbia]
Duncan BC
Vancouver BC (2 nights)
Roberts Creek BC
Nelson BC
Grand Forks BC
slocan valley BC
Christina Lake BC
Creston BC
Fernie BC
Edmonton AB [Alberta]
Calgary AB
Saskatoon SK [Saskatchewan]
Forget SK
Regina SK
Brandon MB [Manitoba]
Winnipeg MB

I get audiences of 25 - 100 people depending on the city. Usually get sponsorship from the college radio station and sometimes the local folk/music festival too.i will provide a place for us to crash (clean and tidy) and dinner. a conversation about money and gas must take place in advance but I am a fair minded sub rock star.

In exchange I would like to tour the west coast of the states, trying to showcase for some american labels for me. but all iIneed is a tour-mate who, like me in Canada, can set up the shows in America and take care of where we sleep and eat etc. From Seattle to San Diego.

Thanks in advance,
Bob Wiseman [email]

If anyone out there can help him out, don't be shy about getting in touch through his email contact above.
BOB WISEMAN MP3s - all hosted on - these links will be good for about seven days.

+ for joseph k
+ what once was wild
+ queen of sheba
+ city of wood
+ how round the earth
Here's an interesting interview with Bob Wiseman done with Toronto alternative weekly, Eye.
Here's a bio found on Trouser Press, although it is a tad outdated.

Space Mtn

Space Mtn, free and legal mp3s available below

Sharply struck fuzzed-out guitars balanced by the yearn in Dina Waxman's vocal which is oh, so, slightly tinged with a Conor Oberst-like quaver. You can nearly feel the charisma of front woman, Dina Waxman, and that's a special trick to accomplish with your voice alone. The song, "Hovercraft", benefits from the spaces between the three players, and from the pop smarts of this promising trio.

Space Mtn are based in LA and they are Waxman [lead vocals and bass], Chris Jacks [guitar], and Andrew Platts [drums].

+ hovercraft
+ brightside
+ i die

Watch Space Mtn's video for "Oh" in quicktime here.
myspace page

The Scribbled Out Man

The Scribbled Out Man, free and legal mp3s available below
The Scribbled Out Man are a Toronto band that formed in 2003. Paul Linklater writes the songs and sings them with vocal and instrumental support from bassist Douglas Friesen, multi-instrumentalist Devon Armstrong, and Don Kerr, drummer, cellist, engineer, and producer (Ron Sexsmith and Peter Elkas, amongst others).

The songs are confidently written and strongly delivered, evidence that these guys have some experience and talent. What I've heard ranges from indie-ish pop to power/chamber pop... what you yourself can hear in these mp3s.

+ heroics
+ pockets of his jeans
+ the believers
+ eastersundayeveryday

*You will find more mp3s on their site.

Their album, All Different, can be bought from Canadian net label, go here.


Linklater, Friesen, and Kerr of The Scribbled Out Man are also in the band Egger which is led by head honcho and ex-Inbred, Dave Ullrich.

From Egger's debut Force Majeur...
+ pixels

November 26, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Bon Savants

Bon Savants, free mp3s available below

About to release their full length debut, Boston based Bon Savants have already set whatever it is in 'indie hipster' circles that buzzes, uh... buzzing. If atmosphere is what you want in music, then this quartet deliver just that... directly into your bloodstream. The guys in the band themselves namecheck these indie and classic bands as influences: The Wrens, Bedhead, Clientele, Built to Spill, Joy Division, Kinks, Byrds, My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, Velvet Underground, Love, The Zombies, Night Rally, David Bowie, Night Bowie, and David Rally. Myself, I hear some Pavement and definitely the harmony influences of the Kinks and The Zombies, both cited above.

Members are Thom C.M. [vocals / guitars], Kevin P.H. [guitars / vocals], Dave W. [bass / vocals], and Andy D. [drums].


+ post-rock defends the nation
+ atom bomb
+ tip of our tongues
+ why this could never work between us


The band's myspace page.

Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley, free acoustic mp3s available below
photo by Gareth James

Richard Hawley is steeped in a beautiful past. You can see it in the artists he references: Roy Orbison, Scott Walker, Gene Vincent, and Johnny Cash are just some of the past giants he loves. Where he comes from: Mom once sang with the Everly Brothers and Dad played guitar with Eddie Cochran. But most importantly in these acoustic versions of his own songs that Hawley has recorded.

These are acoustic versions of songs Hawley has recorded specially for his website.
+ precious sight
+ the nights are cold [the original can be found on Late Night Final 2001]
+ i'm on nights [the original can be found on Lowedges 2003]
+ it's over love
+ darlin' [the original can be found on Lowedges 2003]

November 25, 2005

Jonathan Fire*Eater Singer Resurfaces with The Child Ballads

The promising band, Jonathan Fire*Eater, was made up of vocalist Stewart Lupton, keyboardist Walter Martin, guitarist Paul Maroon, drummer Matt Barrick, and bassist Tom Frank. When they called it quits, Martin, Barrick, and Maroon reformed with Hamilton Leithauser to become The Walkmen. But what became of Stewart Lupton, JF*E's lead singer? It turns out he is still singing and writing, evidenced by the recent signing of his new band Child Ballads to British label Loog Records.

The new band is comprised of Stewart Lupton (vocals, guitar), Betsy Wright (vocals, wurlitzer, farfisa, violin), Hugh McIntosh (Drums), Tunde Oyewole (Bass), and Judah Bauer (Guitar).

Loog Records will release the Child Ballads track, "Cheekbones", as a single next month. In this song Lupton exercises a subdued drawl that recalls Mick Jagger as New Yorker. Lupton's singing is extremely appealing and is, rightly so, front and center in the mix, surrounded by the 60's urban jangle of the supporting players. A very nice little teaser for the promised early 2006 release on British imprint Loog Records. I am looking forward to this release as I loved the JF*E song, "When The Curtain Calls For You".

+ Cheekbones


Peter Elkas, free live and studio mp3s below

I saw Peter Elkas, here in Waterloo, close to two years ago opening for former Thrush Hermit leader and now solo artist, Joel Plaskett. It was one of those cases of not paying much attention to what was happening on the stage while leaning against a wall drinking beer. You know... trying to talk above the din. What I remember is that we would stop talking and turn towards the stage more and more frequently as the then-to-me-unknown singer won over the crowd. Now about a year later, I know the name and now this song that has earned a spot in my crowded head, "Party of One".

I love this song's opening, the falling down the stairs, static-y drums, the tasty guitar licks flicking out of the speakers, and surely, not in the least... the Elkas voice - a sweet syrupy sound, climbing into a clear Buckleyesque falsetto. This song deserves to be heard...

+ Party of One from Party of One - produced by Don Kerr.

*live tracks
+ Building a Harmony
+ Gone It's Gone
+ Turn Out The Lights
+ Only You
*all mp3s courtesy of

Dancing About Architecture

November 22, 2005

Antony and the Johnsons at eMusic

Antony Hegarty of Antony and the JohnsonsThe new single from Mercury Prize winners Antony and the Johnsons, You Are My Sister , is a recent addition to the ever growing selection of independent artists and albums which is eMusic. Of course the other albums and singles by this Secretly Canadian label artist are also on eMusic's site. What?... you don't believe me, here's the page.

Go here to take advantage of eMusic's trial offer of 50 Free Downloads!

Death From Above 1979: NEW and FREE MP3

Death from Above 1979, free and legal mp3

Here's the first single off Death From Above 1979's remix album, Romance Bloody Romance... it's called "Sexy Results". This track was remixed by DFA 1979's Jesse and the band's producer, Al-P.

+ sexy results

Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards, free mp3s available below

Kathleen Edwards has written some very strong songs in an alt-country vein, songs that musically seem to shimmer around and about her voice. A voice which is warm, pleasing, friendly, familiar, and yet somehow distinctive. Upon listening to a few of these you will see how she generated the praise that welcomed her arrival with the album Failer in 2003.

From Back To Me 2005
+ Back To Me
+ In State
+ Copied Keys
+ Summerlong

From Failer 2003
+ 6 O'clock News
+ One More Song the Radio Won't Like
+ National Steel


Tuesday, November 22nd releases from Insound.

11/22/05 Alexisonfire/MoneenSwitcheroo EP
11/22/05 AttractiveAttactive (EP)
11/22/05 Birch Book (In Gowan Ring)S/T
11/22/05 CastanetsFirst Light's Freeze (LP)
11/22/05 Devendra BanhartHeard Somebody Say
11/22/05 Drop the LimeRefixed
11/22/05 Half Handed CloudWhat's The Remedy?
11/22/05 InterpolInterpol Remix
11/22/05 KillersLimited edition 7' Box
11/22/05 Mendoza LineFull of Light and Full of Fire
11/22/05 MoolsThe Dub Narcotic Sessions
11/22/05 Nice NiceAutumn
11/22/05 Nice NiceWinter
11/22/05 Nurse with WoundSalt Marie Celeste
11/22/05 Okkervil RiverBlack Sheep Boy Appendix EP
11/22/05 Panda BearI'm Not/ Comfy In Nautic
11/22/05 Part Chimp I Am Come
11/22/05 Queens of the Stone AgeOver the Years and Through the Woods
11/22/05 RadioheadLive At The Astoria
11/22/05 Samara LubelskiThe Spectacular Passage
11/22/05 Sha Na NaOne More Saturday Night
11/22/05 Soviettes LP
11/22/05 Soviettes LP II
11/22/05 Talib KweliRight About Now: The Offical Sucka Free Mix
11/22/05 Tristeza A Colores

November 21, 2005

Dancing About Architecture


There's a lot of good music here... I wish I had time to do a proper post on these bands, but that isn't possible right now. So download these free and legal mp3s from these four bands and listen...


tapes 'n tapes + insistor
tapes 'n tapes + cowbell [i'm really liking this one]
tapes 'n tapes + omaha


meligrove band + monkey mask
meligrove band + the victory
meligrove band + shake your pants
meligrove band + oh but she did

You can now steam a few tracks off of Meligrove Band's upcoming release, Planets Conspire, right here.


king elementary + thief of hearts


the southland + debris
the southland + shadow
the southland + radio

PLUG: Independent Music Awards: ...and the nominees are...

Plug Independent Music Awards

This year marks the third time the Plug Awards will honor the best and brightest in the growing world of independent music. I was fortunate enough to be honored myself with an invitation to join the Advisory Committee which selects the nominees. I will admit that I did not make selections in every category as many of the categories deal with genres I am not familiar enough with. There are two divisions, one for 'music' and one for 'independent media', which combined make up 28 different categories and you the fans can cast your votes by going here.

The awards will be handed out on February 2nd at New York's Webster Hall.

At the awards show Artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Indie Rock Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Music Video Of The Year and Live Act Of The Year nominees THE NATIONAL will be performing. Additional musical guests will be announced when they are set.


Here, below, is who and what is on the ballot...

Album Of The Year

Animal Collective - Feels (FatCat)
Antony And The Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now (Secretly Canadian)
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (Vice)
Clap Your Hands SayYeah - Clap Your Hands SayYeah (Self-released)
Dangerdoom - The Mouse And The Mask (Adult Swim/Epitaph)
Devendra Banahrt - Cripple Crow (XL)
The National - Alligator (Beggars)
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (Matador)
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods (Sub Pop)
Spoon - Gimme Fiction (Merge)
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (Asthmatic Kitty)
Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary (Sub Pop)

Artist Of The Year

Animal Collective
Antony And The Johnsons
Bloc Party
Bright Eyes
Broken Social Scene
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Devendra Banhart
MF Doom
The National
Sufjan Stevens

New Artist Of The Year

Arctic Monkeys
Black Mountain
Chad VanGaalen
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Lady Sovereign
Maximo Park
Richard Swift
Serena Maneesh
Tim Fite
Tom Vek
Wolf Parade

Song Of The Year

Antony And The Johnsons - 'Hope There's Someone' (Secretly Canadian)
Black Mountain - 'Druganaut' (Jagjaguwar)
Bright Eyes - 'When The President Talks To God' (Saddle Creek)
Clientele - 'Since K Got Over Me' (Merge)
DevendraBanhart - 'Long Haired Child' (XL)
Ladytron - 'Destroy Everything You Touch' (Rykodisc)
The National - 'Abel' (Beggars)
The New Pornographers - 'The Bleeding Heart Show' (Matador)
Spoon - 'The Beast And Dragon, Adored' (Merge)
Stars - 'Ageless Beauty' (Arts & Crafts)
Sufjan Stevens - 'Chicago' (Asthma
Wolf Parade - "I'll Believe In Anything" (Sub Pop)

Female Artist Of The Year

Bettye LaVette
Emiliana Torrini
Hanne Hukkelberg
Lady Sovereign
Laura Cantrell
Princess Superstar
Scout Niblett
Sharon Jones
Vashti Bunyan

Male Artist Of The Year

Andrew Bird
Chad VanGaalen
Conor Oberst
Devendra Banhart
Jamie Lidell
John Vanderslice
José González
MF Doom
Sam Beam
Sufjan Stevens
Tom Vek

Hip-Hop Album Of The Year

Aesop Rock - Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives (Definitive Jux)
Atmosphere - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (Rhymesayers)
Blueprint - 1988 (Rhymesayers)
Cage - Hell's Winter (Definitive Jux)
Clipse - We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 (
Dälek - Absence (Ipecac)
Dangerdoom - The Mouse And The Mask (Adult Swim/Epitaph)
Edan - Beauty And The Beat (Lewis)
Ohmega Watts - The Find (Ubiquity)
The Perceptionists - Black Dialogue (Definitive Jux)
Quasimoto - The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas (Stones Throw)
Sage Francis - A Healthy Distrust (Epitaph)

Punk Album Of The Year

Against Me! - Searching For A Former Clarity (Fat Wreck)
Bear Vs Shark - Terrorhawk (Equal Vision)
The Blackout Pact - Hello Sailor (Astro Magnetics)
Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike (Side One Dummy)
Jello Biafra With The Melvins - Sieg Howdy! (Alternative Tentacles)
Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic Mountain (Load)
The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last (Ipecac)
Pennywise - The Fuse (Epitaph)
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Love In The Fascist Brothel (Revelation)
Rufio - The Comfort Of Home (Nitro)
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods (Sub Pop)
XBXRX - Sixth In Sixes (Polyvinyl)

Metal Album Of The Year

Big Bear - Big Bear (Monitor)
Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet? (Spinefarm)
Early Man - Closing In (Matador)
Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon (Ferret)
Fantômas - Suspended Animation (Ipecac)
Goblin Cock - Bagged And Boarded (Absolutley Kosher)
God Forbid - IV: Constitution Of Treason (Century Media)
High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings (Relapse)
Jesu - Jesu (Hydra Head)
Meshuggah - Catch Thirtythree (Nuclear Blast)
Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw (Hydra Head)
sunnO))) - Black One (Southern Lord)

Electronic/Dance Album Of The Year

Boards Of Canada - The Campfire Headphase (Warp)
The Books - Lost & Safe (Tomlab)
Caribou - The Milk Of Human Kindness (Domino)
Four Tet - Everything Ecstatic (Domino)
Isolée - We Are Monster (Playhouse)
Jackson And His Computer Band - Smash (Warp)
Jamie Lidell - Multiply (Warp)
M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us (Mute)
Mobius Band - The Loving Sounds Of Static (Ghostly International)
Out Hud - Let Us Never Speak Of It Again (Kranky)
The Juan Maclean - Less Than Human (DFA/Astralwerks)
Vitalic - OK Cowboy (PIAS)

Americana Album Of The Year

Daniel Lanois - Belladonna (Anti-)
Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow (XL)
Iron & Wine/Calexico - In The Reins (Overcoat)
José González - Veneer (Hidden Agenda)
Langhorne Slim - When The Sun's Gone Down (Narnack)
Lucero - Nobody's Darlings (Liberty And Lament)
M. Ward - Transistor Radio (Merge)
Magnolia Electric Co - What Comes After The Blues (Secretly Canadian)
Matt Sweeney And Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Superwolf (Drag City)
Nickel Creek - Why Should The Fire Die? (Sugarhill)
Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy (Jagjaguwar)
Six Organs Of Admittance - School Of The Flower (Drag City)

Indie Rock Album Of The Year

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (Vice)
Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts)
Calla - Collisions (Beggars)
Clap Your Hands SayYeah - Clap Your Hands SayYeah (Self-released)
Deerhoof - The Runners Four (5RC/Kill Rock Stars)
The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday (Frenchkiss)
The National - Alligator (Beggars)
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (Matador)
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods (Sub Pop)
Spoon - Gimme Fiction (Merge)
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (Asthmatic Kitty)
Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary (Sub Pop)

DJ Album Of The Year

Annie - DJ-Kicks (!K7)
Clipse - We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 (
Diplo - FabricLive 24 (Fabric)
DJ Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 5 (Om)
DJ Shadow - One Night In Bangkok (No Shoes)
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid - Celestial Mechanix: The Blue Series MasterMix (Thirsty Ear)
Dominik Eulberg - Kreucht & Fleucht (Mischwald)
Ewan Pearson - Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi_01 (Soma)
The Glimmers - DJ-Kicks (!K7)
James F@#$%^ Friedman - Go Commando! (Defend Music)
Optimo - Psyche Out (Eskimo)
Richie Hawtin - DE9Transitions (Mute)

Avant Album Of The Year

Animal Collective - Feels (FatCat)
Black Dice - Broken Ear Record (DFA/Astralwerks)
Boredoms - Seadrum/House Of Sun (Vice)
Delia Gonzalez And Gavin Russom - The Days Of Mars (DFA/Astralwerks)
Excepter - Throne (Load)
Gang Gang Dance - God's Money (The Social Registry)
Growing - His Return (Troubleman Unlimited)
Hair Police - Constantly Terrified (Troubleman Unlimited)
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Multiples (Kranky)
Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic Mountain (Load)
Orthrelm - OV (Ipecac)
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice - Buck Dharma (5RC)

Record Label Of The Year

Beggars Group
Definitive Jux
Saddle Creek
Secretly Canadian
Sub Pop
Touch And Go

Live Act Of The Year

Antony And The Johnsons
Arcade Fire
Black Mountain
Bloc Party
Bright Eyes
Death From Above 1979
The Decemberists
Devendra Banhart
Jamie Lidell
The National
Wolf Parade

Music Festival Of The Year

Austin City Limits
All Tomorrow's Parties
CMJ Music Marathon
Intonation Music Festival
Siren Music Festival
South By Southwest

Record Producer of the Year

9th Wonder
Danger Mouse
Dave Sitek
Four Tet
Isaac Brock
Paul "Phones" Epworth
Peter Katis
Thom Monahan

Music Video Of The Year

Aesop Rock - "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives" (Definitive Jux)
Bloc Party - "Helicopter" (Vice)
Cage - "Shoot Frank" (Definitive Jux)
The Decemberists - "16 Military Wives" (Kill Rock Stars)
Goblin Cock - "Stumped" (Absolutley Kosher)
Jason Forrest - "War Photographer" (Sonig)
Maximo Park - "Graffiti" (Warp)
The National - "Daughters Of The Soho Riots" (Beggars)
North American Halloween Prevention Initiative - "Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?" (Vice)
Of Montreal - "Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games)" (Polyvinyl)
Quasimoto - "Bullyshit" (Stones Throw)
Stars - "Ageless Beauty" (Arts & Crafts)

Album Art/Packaging of the Year

Aesop Rock - Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives (Definitive Jux)
Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm (SuperEgo)
Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts)
Caribou - The Milk Of Human Kindness (Domino)
Dangerdoom - The Mouse And The Mask (Adult Swim/Epitaph)
The Fall - Fall Heads Roll (Narnack)
Fantômas - Suspended Animation (Ipecac)
Goblin Cock - Bagged And Boarded (Absolutley Kosher)
Silversun Pickups - Pikul (Dangerbird)
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (Asthmatic Kitty)
Super Furry Animals - Love Kraft (XL)
Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary (Sub Pop)

Music Website Of The Year

Magazine Of The Year

CMJ New Music Monthly
Under The Radar

Zine Of The Year

Beautiful Decay
Big Takeover
Copper Press
Devil In The Woods
Punk Planet
Wax Poetics

College/Non-Comm Radio Station Of The Year

KALX, Berkeley, CA
KCRW, Santa Monica, CA
KEXP, Seattle, WA
KUCI, Irvine, CA
KUSF, San Francisco, CA
KXLU, Los Angeles, CA
WBER, Rochester, NY
WFMU, East Orange, NJ
WFPK, Louisville, KY
WFUV, Bronx, NY
WNYU, New York, NY
WRAS, Atlanta, GA

Specialty Show Of The Year (Commercial Radio)

KDLE, Los Angeles, CA, Jonesy's Jukebox with Steve Jones
KBZT, San Diego, CA, Big Sonic Chill with Midori
KDGE, Dallas, TX, Adventure Club with Josh Venable
KITS, San Francisco, CA, Soundcheck with Aaron Axelson
WAQZ, Cincinnati, OH, Miss Sally's Playhouse with Sally Vollner
WEQX, Manchester, VT, Download with Alex Taylor
WKQX, Chicago, IL, TBA with Robert English
WPLA, Jacksonville, FL, Forbidden Planet with Robert Goodman
WRAX, Birmingham, AL, Reg's Coffee House with Scott Register
WWCD, Columbus, OH, The Independent Playground with Tom & Rudy
WXPN, Philadelphia, PA, World Caf? with David Dye
WXRT, Chicago, IL, The Eclectic Company with Nicholas Tremulis & Jon Langford

Internet Radio Station of the Year

Record Store of the Year

Amoeba Music, Berkeley, CA
Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA
Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA
Dusty Groove America, Chicago, IL
Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA
Insound, New York, NY
Newbury Comics, Boston, MA
Other Music, New York, NY
Sonic Boom Records, Seattle, WA
Sound Fix, Brooklyn, NY
Twist & Shout, Denver, CO
Waterloo Records And Video, Austin, TX

Best Music DVD of the Year

Dig! (Palm Pictures)
Directors Label Volumes 4-7 (Palm Pictures)
Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On The Road With Death Cab For Cutie (Plexifilm)
Little Movies Big Noises (Definitive Jux)
Low In Europe (Plexifilm)
Moog (Plexifilm)
Morrissey: Who Put the 'M' in Manchester? (Attack/SVE)
Stones Throw 101 (Stones Throw)
The Dick Cavett Show: Rock Icons (Shout! Factory)
The Flaming Lips: The Fearless Freaks (Shout! Factory)

New at eMusic

A couple of new albums I noticed at eMusic:

Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information - 1974 [a classic! I picked this up for a few bucks about six years ago on the strength of a review or article I read in a newspaper. Psychedelic soul created in a vacuum that is only getting the respect it deserves years later]

Drive By Truckers - Decoration Day
Mercury Rev - Deserter Songs

Try eMusic's Free Trial here

November 20, 2005

Arctic Monkeys: Free MP3s and Lyrics

Here are free mp3 downloads, plus the lyrics, of the Arctic Monkeys' songs, "Fake Tales of San Francisco", "Mardy Bum", "Dancing Shoes", "From The Ritz To The Rubble", "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor", and "Scummy". Sheffield, England's Arctic Monkeys will release their debut on Domino Records February 21, 2006.


"Dancing Shoes" [free mp3]
Get on your dancing shoes
There's one thing on your mind
Oh, been there looking for you
Sure you'll be rummagin' through
Oh and the shit, shock, horror
You've seen your future bride
Oh, but it's oh so absurd
For you to say the first word
So you're waitin'n'waitin'n...

The only reason that you came
So what ya scared for?
Oh don't you always do the same
It's what ya there for, don't ya know..

The lights are flashing
Down in here tonight
And so'm I exchange a glance
Looking pretending to dance

Don't act like it's not happening
As if its impolite
To go and mention your name
Instead you'll just do the same
As they all do, and hope for the best...

The only reason that you came
So what ya scared for?
Well don't ya always do the same
It's what ya there for, oooo yaaa!!

Get on your dancing shoes
You sexy little swine
Oh, been there looking for you
Sure you'll be rumagin' through

Oh and the shit, shock, horror
You've seen your future bride
Oh, but it's oh so absurd
For you to say the first word
So you're waitin'n'waaaaaaaaaohhh...!


"From The Ritz To The Rubble" [free mp3]
Last night these two bouncers
And one of em's alright
The other one's the scary one
His way or no way, totalatarian

He's got no time for you
Looking or breathing
How he don't want you to

So step out the queue
He makes examples of you
And there's nowt you can say
Behind they go through to the bit where you pay
And you realise then that it's finally the time
To walk back past ten thousand eyes in the line

And you can swap jumpers and make another move
Instilled in your brain you've got something to prove
To all the smirking faces and the boys in black
Why can't they be pleasant?
Why can't they have a laugh?

He's got his hand in your chest
He wants to give you a duff
Well secrectly I think they want it all to kick off
They want, arms flying everywhere and
Bottles as well it's just
Something to talk about
A story to tell you

Well I'm so glad they turned us all away we'll put it down to fate

I said a thousand million things that I could never say this morning

Got too deep, but how deep is too deep?

This town's a different town today
This town's a different town to what it was last night
You couldn't have done that on a Sunday

That girl's a different girl today
Said that girl's a different girl to her you kissed last night
You couldn't have done that on a Sunday

Well I'm so glad they turned us all away we'll put it down to fate

I said a thousand million things that I could never say this morning

Got too deep, but how deep is too deep?

Last night what we talked about
It made so much sense
But now the haze has ascended
It don't make no sense anymore


"Fake Tales Of San Francisco" [free mp3]
Fake Tales of San Francisco
Echo through the room
More point to a wedding disco
Without a bride or groom

There's a super cool band yeah
With their trilbys and their glasses of white wine
And all the weekend rockstars in the toilets
Practicing their lines

I don't want to hear you
(Kick me out, kick me out)
I don't want to hear, you know
(Kick me out, kick me out)
I don't want to hear you
(Kick me out, kick me out)
I don't want to hear you
I don't want to hear your...

Fake Tales of San Fransisco
Echo through the air
And there's a few bored faces in the back
All wishing they weren't there

And as the microphone squeaks
A young girl's telephone beeps
Yeah she's dashing for the exit
And she's running to the streets outside
"Oh you've saved me," she screams down the line
"The band aren't very good
And I'm not having a nice time"

I don't want to hear you
(Kick me out, kick me out)
I don't want to hear, you know
(Kick me out, kick me out)

Yeah but his bird thinks it's amazing, though
So all that's left
Is the proof that love's not only blind but deaf

He talks of San Francisco, he's from Hunter's Bar
I don't quite know the distance
But I'm sure that's far
Yeah I'm sure that's pretty far

And yeah, I'd love to tell you all my problem
You're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham
So get off the bandwagon, and put down the handbook
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Get off the bandwagon and put down the handbook



"I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" [free mp3]
Stop making the eyes at me; I’ll stop making the eyes at you
What it is that surprises me, Is that I don't really want you to
When your shoulders are frozen (cold in the night)
Oh but you're an explosion (you're dynamite)
Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand
And lighting the fuse might result in a bang, ba-ba bang go
I bet that you look good on the dance floor
I don't know if you’re looking for romance or...
I don't know what you’re looking for
Well I bet that you look good on the dance floor
Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984, from 1984
I wish you'd stop ignoring me, because you're sending me to despair
Without a sound yeah you’re calling me, and I don't think it's very fair
That your shoulders are frozen (cold in the night)
Oh but you’re an explosion (you're dynamite)
Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand
And lighting the fuse might result in a bang, ba-ba bang go
I bet that you look good on the dance floor
I don't know if you’re looking for romance or...
I don't know what you’re looking for
Well I bet that you look good on the dance floor
Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984, from 1984
Oh there ain't no love
No Montagues or Capulets
We're just banging tunes and DJ sets and
Dirty dance floors and dreams of naughtiness
Well I bet that you look good on the dance floor
I don't know if you’re looking for romance or...
I don't know what you’re looking for
I said that I bet that you look good on the dance floor
Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984, from 1984


"Mardy Bum " [free mp3]
Now then Mardy Bum
I see your frown
And it's like looking down the barrel of a gun
And it goes off
And out come all these words
Oh there's a very pleasant side to you
A side I much prefer
It's one that laughs and jokes around
Remember cuddles in the kitchen
Yeah, to get things off the ground
And it was up, up and away
Oh, but it's right hard to remember
That on a day like today when you're all argumentative
And you've got the face on

Well now then Mardy Bum
Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I
I thought as much
Cause you turned over there
Pulling that silent disappointment face
The one that I can't bare

Can't we laugh and joke around
Remember cuddles in the kitchen
Yeah, to get things off the ground
And it was up, up and away
Oh, but it's right hard to remember
That on a day like today when you're all argumentative
And you've got the face on

Yeah I'm sorry I was late
Well I missed the train
And then the traffic was a state
But I can't be arsed to carry on in this debate
That reoccurs ,oh when you say I don't care
Well of course I do, yeah I clearly do!

So laugh and joke around
Remember cuddles in the kitchen
Yeah, to get things off the ground
And it was up, up and away
Still it's right hard to remember
That on a day like today when you're all argumentative
And you've got the face on


"Scummy" [free mp3]
So who's that girl there?
I wonder what went wrong
So that she had to roam the streets
She don't do major credit cards
I doubt she does receipts
It's all not quite legitimate

And what a scummy man
Just give him half a chance
I bet he'll rob you if he can
Can see it in his eyes, yeah
That he's got a driving ban
Amongst some other offences

And I've seen him with girls of the night
And he told Roxanne to put on her red light
They're all infected but he'll be alright
Cause he's a scumbag, don't you know
I said he's a scumbag, don't you know!

Although you're trying not to listen
I bet your eyes are staring at the ground
She makes a subtle proposition
Sorry love I'll have to turn you down

And oh he must be up to something
Want half a chance to show he's more than likely
I've got a feeling in my stomach
I start to wonder what his story might be
What his story might be

They said it changes when the sun goes down
And they said it changes when the sun goes down
And they said it changes when the sun goes down
Around here

And look here comes a Ford Mondeo
Isn't he Mister Inconspicuous
And he don't have to say 'owt
She understands she's here to get picked up

And she's delighted when she sees him
Pulling in and giving her the eye
Because she must be fucking freezing
Scantily clad beneath the clear night sky
She don't stop in the winter, no and...

They said it changes when the sun goes down
And they said it changes when the sun goes down
And they said it changes when the sun goes down
Around here

They said it changes when the sun goes down
And they said it changes when the sun goes down
And they said it changes when the sun goes down
Around here
Around here

What a scummy man
Just give him half a chance
I bet he'll rob you if he can
Can see it in his eyes that he's got a nasty plan
I hope you're not involved at all

Spoon's Sister Jack Single: Download at eMusic

Britt Daniel of Spoon

Spoon's Sister Jack CD single is available from eMusic, where, incidentally, I have been a member since May/04. The single, from Merge Records, gives you three tracks: the original Gimme Fiction version of "Sister Jack", a John McEntire remix of that song, plus a track titled, "Sunday Morning, Wednesday Night".

Of course, Spoon's previous Merge records can also be found at eMusic: Girls Can Tell, Kill The Moonlight, Gimme Fiction, and A Series of Sneaks.

Look into getting these songs and much more for free by taking eMusic up on their no strings free trial which gives you 50 FREE DOWNLOADS. See what's it all about here.

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November 19, 2005


Vertical Struts, free and legal mp3s available below

From Edmonton, Alberta, the Vertical Struts are a duo, a throwback to the rawer sounds of the sixties and the punk aggression which came to prominence in the late seventies. The duo are Raymond Biesinger and Trevor Anderson. Biesinger on guitar and lead vocal and Anderson behind the drum kit, both responsible for the more than respectable music produced by this Western Canadian band. Working from the influences of their parents record collections, impressive artistic taste, and the appealing musical trait of 'not being afraid to get dirty', you should listen, watch, and buy Vertical Struts.


From Vertical Struts full length S/T debut on Pop Echo Records
+ girlfriend boyfriend
+ sh!
+ stab stab stab

Track List
Stab, Stab, Stab
Girlfriend Boyfriend
Fun is Not Fun
the Chief Fox
If My Baby Isn't There
Diamond Coats and Other Things
It's Just I Gotta Know
Field and Stream


From their debut 7"...
+ blues from an airplane
+ plans for her

November 17, 2005

Sigur Ros - download videos + mp3s

Many visitors to *sixeyes were brought here by my posting a link to Sigur Ros' video for the song, "Glosoli". So to quench the appetite and curiosity of all, here is the video again along with two others from the fascinating Icelandic band, Sigur Ros.

>> glosoli
windows: low high
real: low high
quicktime: high

>> viðrar vel til loftárása
windows format
>> untitled #1 [a.k.a. vaka]
quicktime format

There are around 7 or 8 live videos available on the Sigur Ros site.
There are twenty one mp3s on the site .

Sigur Ros' 1997 album, Von, which was re-released on One Little Indian, can be downloaded at eMusic.


Fat Possum Records artists, The Black Keys, free and legal mp3s available below
the black keys

Fat Possum Records keeps the blues alive in the land from which it sprang, Mississippi. Their roster offers the buying public everything from men who lived and died living the blues to young men still creating blues, showing their love for this oft dismissed genre of music... give it a chance, there is something for every one.

here's a sampling of a few Fat Possum artists...

the black keys
all hands against his own
hard row
+ 10 A.M. Automatic
Grown So Ugly
heartless bastards
+ newresolution
+ onions
+ runnin'
furry lewis
good morning judge
r.l. burnside
shake em on down
thee shams
on my mind
twenty miles
east st louis

Many Fat Possum artists are found on *sixeyes digital download service of choice, eMusic... such as The Black Keys, Thee Shams, R.L. Burnside, Furry Lewis, Bob Log III, and more. The site's great trial offer is still alive and kicking right here.

November 16, 2005


Here is a new link I've added to the blogroll...a PLAGUE of ANGELS. He likes the indie, so check it out.

New Release from Mellowdrone: Box

Mellowdrone will release their new disc this January. Entitled, Box, it offers the curious listener 13 new tracks. And here is a preview, free and legal of course... + fashionably uninvited

>> Stream the track [Windows]

Box Track Listing:
1. C'mon Try A Little Bit
2. Oh My
3. Four Leaf Clover
4. Fashionably Uninvited
5. Beautiful Day
6. Fuck It Man
7. Whatever The Deal
8. Madison
9. And Repeat
10. Orange Marmalade
11. Amazing
12. Bone Marrow
13. Limb To Limb

More MP3s...

+ unchained
+ orange marmalade
You will find two more on the band's myspace page here.

November 15, 2005

The Weather Machines: The Sound of Pseudoscience: Review

The Weather Machines, free and legal mp3s available belowThe Weather Machines
The Sound of Pseudoscience
[Tigers Against Crime - 2005]
*Sixeyes Rating: 8.0 out of 10

The Weather Machines are from Rapid City, South Dakota. After a year and a half together, the quartet of Jason Ward [vocals/guitar], Patrick Fleming [guitar], Ali DeMersseman [bass], and J. Waylon Miller [drums], have self-released on Jason Ward's own label, Tigers Against Crime, their debut album, The Sound of Pseudoscience.

This is power pop crisply executed. There is no messing around, these twelve short tracks are all meaty hooks and shiny barbs. Following the opening nugget, "Modern Text On Love" [whose opening guitar riff recalls XTC], you'd expect a young band to slide into average, maudlin territory, but no... these musicians bear down and deliver lead singer Jason Ward's songs with a consistent energy matching the songs surprising quality. Bringing to mind bands like Ted Leo, XTC, The Strokes, and 'eternally missing in action' The La's -- this is power pop with impeccable pedigree and deep roots. Recommended.

+ modern text on love
+ last stop

Dancing About Architecture

November 14, 2005

Jerk With A Bomb

Jerk With A Bomb's Stephen McBean, free mp3s available below
photo courtesy CBC's ZeD

Vancouver's Jerk with a Bomb is made up of founding members Steve McBean (McBean is the driving force behind Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops and the band that pre-dated JWAB, Ex-Dead Teenager)and Josh Wells, who are now joined by Amber Webber and Christoff Hoffmiester.

Their song, 'Don't forget your Love' [MP3] (Pyrokinesis - Scratch Records), has weaseled it's way into my head and heart with it's loose, back porch rhythm and the blurry, half-baked, semi-stoner vocal by McBean (sweetly supported by Amber Webber in the choruses). I have read of
being compared to Nick Cave, Palace, Nick Drake, and Three Mile Pilot. Oh yeah, even Queens of the Stone Age. I can see the last one on this track, but only if you cross breed Ryan Adams earlier work with Whiskeytown with the Queens... yeah, it's a stoner Whiskeytown.

Steve McBean on critical acclaim and how to get your name in the paper:
"We'll probably start selling more records after we break up or one of us dies in a fiery crash,” McBean bleakly prophesises. “We'll see where critical acclaim gets us, but for now we're only just out of the starting gate and have many, many more old pedals to buy before the mission is fulfilled and we can finally rest.”
EX DEAD TEENAGER MP3s from Hive Studios
Engineered by COLIN STEWART
13th Century / Cursed Valentine / It's Only A Three / Kill The TV Screens / Love Ain't Dead / Tap Wire / Verse One / Armchair

go here for 7 more mp3s of Ex Dead Teenager, plus many more mp3s of other bands..


Here are previous posts on *sixeyes about Stephen McBean and his musical projects, Pink Mountaintops and Black Mountain, both of which are on great indie label JAGJAGUWAR.

Blood Relatives
Black Mountain - "Druganaut"
Pink Mountaintops - Album Review

DISCHORD RECORDS and More @ eMusic

Yep, D.C.'s Dischord Records is now available at eMusic.Their more prominent bands and their albums can be downloaded from my own favourite digital download service, eMusic.

You heard of Fugazi, now hear them [for free!] by going here. Minor Threat, Jawbox, and Rites of Spring are just some of the famed bands you will find.


Also recently added is Brendan Benson's great debut album One Mississippi reissued with Benson's EP The Wellfed Boy... that's 22 tracks from this criminally ignored indie pop singer/songwriter. You will also find Q and not U's No Kill No Beep Beep.

Check these and get them free [if you are eligible... i.e. not yet a member] by going here.

November 11, 2005

DIVISION DAY: The Mean Way In: Review

Division Day
[Self-released - 2004]
*Sixeyes Score: 7.8 out of 10


Division Day's second EP, The Mean Way In, will give indie friendly ears a rich meal to dine upon and a sound so vibrant it very nearly casts it's own light. The California band's least elaborate piano driven moments recall Ben Folds at his most complex and all of this is thrown from your speakers all the way from San Francisco analog studio, Tiny Telephone.

The 6 songs that make up The Mean Way In alternate between dense and intricate, it's a fine line between the two, but both demand the listener grant the music repeated listens... and that's when the payoff comes. You become the water or the sponge. The music gets inside you, or you get inside it.

+ bad black moon
+ there is no telling

Dancing About Architecture

The Guardian asks: It worked for the Arctic Monkeys, but is the internet really the home of a new music revolution?

* * * * * * * * *

Slate picks apart (and on) The New Yorker's David Brooks' attack on 'gansta rap'.

* * * * * * * * *

From The Village Voice: Coldplay to Punish Fans for Accelerating Tourdate Leak

November 10, 2005


Been too busy to do much posting today, but here are some free mp3s for you.

tiny amps
+ dance on a crowded floor
summer at shatter creek
+ worlds away
summer at shatter creek over mogwai
+ stanley kubrick
+ christmas song
+ burn girl prom queen
the dials
+ phone line
+ take it to the man
+ glass hell
troubled hubble
+ dulcinea duct tape
+ nancy

November 08, 2005

The Gunshy

Matt Arbogast of The Gunshy makes me think of Joe Strummer's work with Mescaleros and even The Pogues, Shane MacGowan, in the song "Last Songs". He's only 25, but he sings songs that have an immediate gravity due to the timbre of his voice. Hoarse, gravelly, and shouting with passion, Arbogast commands the attention of any open minded music fan, although he has the drive to break through to the more close minded out there... if given the chance. That's the tough part.

Imagine the sweet lilt of The Pogues bolstered by the wide open Americana blast of indie alt-country/rock... this is Matt Arbogast, this is The Gunshy.

+ last songs from Souls (Latest Flame - Dec 6th)
+ stories from No Man's Blues

Label Links
Latest Flame for No Man's Blues and Souls on Dec. 6.
Sleep Recordings for the EP and To Remember/To Forget.

There are some mp3s here at Sleep Recordings, Matt's own label.

Upcoming Tour Dates
11.10 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone
11.11 - Shreveport, LA - Lil Joe's
11.12 - Oxford, MS - Hot Dog Records
11.13 - Birmingham, AL - Sakura
11.14 - Athens, GA - Secret Squirrel
11.15 - Atlanta, GA - 1435 Vaughn St. w/ I Would etc...
11.16 - Chapel Hill, NC - Wetlands
11.17 - Morgantown, WV - 123 Pleasant Street
11.18 - Huntington, WV - HYAMP
11.19 - Lexington, KY - Beaumont YMCA"

Dancing About Architecture

JAM! Music talks with Echo and The Bunnymen's Will Sergeant about their new album, Siberia

* * * * * * * * *

The Detroit Free Press says 'Mobile Phone Users Dialing Up Music'.

* * * * * * * * *

The Sun talks to Nine Inch Nails Trent Rexnor.


John Vanderslice will set off on his first ever tour of Europe beginning November 10th. Here's how the man whose kindness and generosity match his talent and skill lays out the upcoming milestone in an increasingly stellar career.


European Tour 2005 with Nada Surf
Damn this has been a long time coming, thanks to Nada Surf for bringing us out. We may stick around and some Benelux dates, please email Adam if you have any ideas.

Dave and I will be playing as a duo, it's a more stripped down feel and we'll be playing some songs we've never played the States before. We are both really excited to tour this way.
Dave Douglas: Drums, Moog Source, Moog Taurus 1 bass pedals, samples
JV: Vocals, Guitar

November 10 Manchester, UK
Hop and Grape w/ Nada Surf

November 11 Glasgow
King Tuts w/ Nada Surf

November 12, 2005 Nottingham, UK
Rescue Rooms w/ Nada Surf

November 13 Bristol, UK
Fleece and Firkin w/ Nada Surf

November 14 London, UK
Scala w/ Nada Surf

November 16 Toulouse, FR
Salle des Fetes du Ramonville w/ Nada Surf

November 17 Montpelier, FR
Le Rockstore w/ Nada Surf

November 18 Angouleme, FR
La Nef w/ Nada Surf

November 19 Bordeaux, FR
Theatre Barbey w/ Nada Surf

November 20 Paris, FR
Elysee Montmartre w/ Nada Surf

November 21 Strasbourg, FR
La Laiterie w/ Nada Surf

November 22 Frankfurt, GR
Batschkapp w/ Nada Surf

November 23 Hamburg, GR
Logo w/ Nada Surf

November 24 Berlin, GR
Kalkscheune w/ Nada Surf

November 25 Stuttgart, GR
Club Manufaktur w/ Nada Surf

Novemeber 26 Rotterdam, NL
Rotown Solo show

November 27 Haarlem, NL
Patronaat Solo show

Some JV... [in case you haven't heard]
+ Exodus Damage
+ Trance Manual
+ Amitriptyline

November 07, 2005

BOB WISEMAN = Krazy Glue?

Bob Wiseman, free and legal mp3s available below

Bob Wiseman almost seems 'too' funny for his own good or at least his music's good (but not too Canadian, how could that possibly happen?). I mean that he would likely receive more attention and admiration from that quadrant of the music media with hyperbolic tendencies if his eccentric, formidable talent were framed at all times in a downtrodden, serious urban light (a là the Godfather of eccentric urban hipsters, Tom Waits). But Wiseman, I believe, follows his muse (serious or lighthearted) from whatever or wherever it springs (He has even done some film and television scoring). But when he does put his talent to a serious inspiration what appears is often lovely and touching. That is not to dismiss the more humorous songs he has penned... Wiseman is a funny guy. A multi-instrumentalist, he obviously has an affinity for any instrument with keys, such as organ, piano, toy piano, accordion, melodica, they all sing under Wiseman's fingers. He's also an improvisational musician (his debut, 1989's In Her Dream: Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle, was rife with "prepared piano" - a term referring to altering the piano's sound by slipping paper, coins or vegetables between the strings) who will use any 'thing', or way, to produce the sounds the song needs at the time. This obviously isn't as evident on his recordings, but certainly during live performances. In fact I caught a very intimate multi-media performance by the man himself just a week or two ago. Working with a DVD player, a DVD projector, acoustic guitar, a Hohner 'Student' accordion, a tiny laptop keyboard, and dying (soon to leave this mortal coil) batteries in the DVD player's remote control, Wiseman gave the lucky few on hand their money's worth. The highlight for me was his song, "Uranium". A sad and beautiful tale of a young woman from the northern Ontario mining town of Elliott Lake whom boards a Greyhound for the big city of Toronto. His delivery was a wonderful contrast of adult love, pain, and death, against a childlike puppet show of the song's story playing on the screen behind him.

With eight solo albums under his belt, Wiseman has much for you to discover. You could even dip into very early Blue Rodeo albums that feature his inspired organ playing.


Here are some mp3s. If you want to spread the word about Bob Wiseman's music you may use these links or seek out his music to host yourself... for as Bob told me:

"I think if you release a record it's public domain. So, yes, use anything you want in any way you want."

+ uranium
+ born to love you
+ me and my arrow

+ my cousin dave [mp3 from blocks recording club]

It's True

It's True - 2004 Blocksblocksblocks
This Recording Was Made on "Recording Is Easy Computer Operated By" - 2004 BlocksBlocksBlocks
Accidentally Acquired Beliefs - 1995, Grow or Die Music/ Warner Music.
Beware of Bob - 1994, Sabre Toque Records
City of Wood - 1993, Carpe Diem Music, Inc./ Warner Music
Presented by Lake Michigan Soda - 1991, Carpe Diem Music, Inc./ Warner Music
In Her Dream: Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle - 1989 Risque Disque / Atlantic / WEA
Wet Water - 1984

Here is a bio found on Blue Rodeo's homepage.

In closing I'd say that Bob Wiseman is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, who shares his art through multi-media. He is therefore multi-purpose not unlike WD-40 or Super Bond. When you come right down to it... Bob Wiseman is Krazy Glue.

Animal Collective's 'Feels': Streaming

The highly praised new work by Animal Collective, Feels, is now streaming in it's entirety at Radio Indie Pop. Click on the 'Album Of The Month' button to hear the what some will surely name album of the year.


*You can also find Animal Collective at eMusic.

Shooby Taylor: The Human Horn

I've heard "Stout-Hearted Men" done by Shooby Taylor, about 20 to 30 times in the past three days... and it still makes me laugh (even if I am sick... uh, I mean physically sick... well, ok, maybe a little mentally as well).

Shooby Taylor, I'm guessing, is known in some tiny cult-like circles for his enthusiastic, but poorly done, scat singing. Billed as The Human Horn, Shooby Taylor explained it this way, "I blow me."

There is even some video of Shooby being forced off the Apollo stage in the early eighties on his home page.

Listen to some blowing...
+ stout-hearted men


There are twenty mp3s on the late Shooby Taylor's website.

The well known indie label, Absolutely Kosher, will release some of Shooby's stuff in 2006.


The Fresno, CA band, Rademacher, have now got their new EP available to all. Titled Ice Age, it is a slim offering of four tracks, but it does contain the strangest track the band has released, "Playing For Fun", a song I talked about this past August. This one song is definitely a step into the shadows of singer and songwriter Mike B's mind. The other three are much more in the sunlight, at least the light that falls from the California sky, and we all know about California (don't we?). The other song that stands out for me is "I've Rearranged Everything". It builds from a single acoustic guitar and Mike's distinctive voice to be met by a beautifully contrasting second guitar and slowly the band joins in. Either a very tasteful restraint was exercised when recording this song or the band ran out of instruments, as the song retains it lightness and memorable melody from beginning to end.

The title track "Ice Age" offers perhaps the most telling line about Rademacher...

We're just a loose band of haircuts marching down stair tops, we're your friends...

"Ice Age", again as "I've Rearranged Everything" did, has what each and every song needs, a strong foundation or melody. It also dips into more imaginative instrumentation like "Playing For Fun" does.

From Ice Age on Greytank Records
+ i've rearranged everything
ice age

You can stream all four Ice Age tracks on the band's myspace page.
You can download three earlier tracks from my June post on the band.

Sigur Ros : "Glosoli" : Video

Here is the atmopheric song, "Glosoli", by Sigur Ros. The video fails to capture the breadth and scope of the song, but that's a bit difficult when trying to convey this Icelandic bands music.

Sigur Ros : Glosoli [quicktime]


This weeks releases courtesy

11/07 CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE - first two albums (tomlab)
11/08 AKRON/FAMILY & ANGELS OF LIGHT - s/t (young god)
11/08 BEASTIE BOYS - singles collection (capitol)
11/08 BIGG JUS - poor people's day (mush)
11/08 CALICO SYSTEM - they live (eulogy/alveran)
11/08 COMET GAIN - city fallen leaves (5rc)
11/08 CORM - audio flame kit (polyvinyl)
11/08 DOUBLE LEOPARDS - a hole is true (troubleman unlimited)
11/08 FILTHY THIEVING BASTARDS - my pappy was a pistol (byo)
11/08 GET HUSTLE - rollin' in the ruins (three one g)
11/08 GREEN DAY - bullet in the bible (reprise)
11/08 GRIS GRIS - for the season (birdman)
11/08 GRIZZLY BEAR - horn of plenty (kanine)
11/08 GUIDED BY VOICES - a brief history: twenty-one years of hunting accidents in the forests of rock and roll (paperback) (grove press/black cat)
11/08 GUIDED BY VOICES - briefcase 2: the return of milko waif (recordhead)
11/08 GUIDED BY VOICES - propeller (scat)
11/08 GUIDED BY VOICES - suitcase 2: american superdream wow (recordhead)
11/08 HARVEY DANGER - cream and bastard rise (kill rock stars)
11/08 HEAD WOUND CITY - head wound city (ep) (three one g)
11/08 HEADLIGHTS - the enemies ep (polyvinyl)
11/08 HELLA - concentration face dvd with "homeboy" cd (5rc)
11/08 HIVES - tussles in brussels dvd (interscope)
11/08 INTERPOL - interpol remix (matador)
11/08 KEANE - keane: strangers (interscope)
11/08 KNUT - terraformer (hydrahead records)
11/08 MARS VOLTA - scab dates (live album) (strummer/universal)
11/08 MI AND L'AU - s/t (young god)
11/08 MIRANDA JULY - 10 million hours a mile (kill rock stars)
11/08 MIRANDA JULY - the binet-simon test (kill rock stars)
11/08 NO-NECK BLUES BAND - qvaris (5rc)
11/08 PAUL DUNCAN - be careful what you call home (hometapes)
11/08 PIEBALD - killa bros & killa bees (solid state records)
11/08 RAH BRAS - whohm (lovitt)
11/08 RICHARD YOUNGS & ALEX NEILSON - patrick raindance (vhf)
11/08 SAGE FRANCIS - life is easy (epitaph)
11/08 SPOON - sister jack (merge)
11/08 TARANTULA A.D. - book of sand (kemado)
11/08 TOMMY GUERRERO - year of the monkey (galaxia)
11/08 TRISTEZA - a colores (better looking records)
11/08 VARIOUS ARTIST - not alone (durtro jnana)
11/08 VARIOUS ARTIST - rewind! 4 (ubiquity)
11/08 VARIOUS ARTIST - tommy boy presents… essential hip-hop vols. 1-4 (tommy boy)
11/08 WINDY & CARL - dream house/dedications to flea (kranky)


More releases courtesy

ANNIHILATOR Schizo Deluxe Locomotive
BLACKLISTED ...The Beat Goes On Deathwish Inc.
CALICO SYSTEM They Live Eulogy
CHOPPA Da Real Choppa Body Head
DIALS Flex Time Latest Flame
DOGS OF WINTER Cut Down To The Quick [EP] Exotic
FLOETRY Flo'Ology Geffen
GILLES PETERSON Gilles Peterson Digs America: Brownswood U.S.A. Luv N Haight
GRIZZLY BEAR Horn Of Plenty (The Remixes) Kanine
KATE BUSH Aerial Sony
MUSIC FROM THE OC: MIX 5 Various Artists Warner Bros.
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Life On The Murder Scene Reprise
NONPOINT To The Pain Beiler Bros Records
PAUL DUNCAN Be Careful What You Call Home Hometapes
PETER GALLAGHER 7 Days In Memphis Epic
ROD STEWART The Great American Songbook Box Set J
SUPLECS Powtin' On The Outside, Pawty On The Inside Nocturnal
TAH-DAHS Le Fun Undeniable
THE ORB Okie Dokie, It's the Orb Kompakt
TWISTA The Day After Atlantic

Dancing About Architecture

Popmatters talks with Devendra Banhart.

* * * * * * * * *

JAM! reports: Live 8 DVDs set to be released

* * * * * * * * *

Slate dissects the Rock Snob.

* * * * * * * * *

At eMusic Magazine, Doveman's Thomas Bartlett lists 12 great jazz piano albums.

Go here to avail yourself of eMusic's trial offer of 50 Free MP3 Downloads... no strings attached.

November 06, 2005

SOFT: New Single & EP Available

The band Soft have a new single along with a brand spankin' new EP for sale. The song is "Higher"

+ higher

Go to insound to buy the disc.

Dancing About Architecture

Uncut has a chat with Franz Ferdinand's main man, Alex Kapranos.
Did you have any qualms about writing a song about “Eleanor”?
Oh Eleanor is a wonderful name! Some of my favourite songs have Eleanors in. “Eleanor Rigby”. “Eleanor” by the Turtles. That has that wonderful line, “You’re my pride and joy, et cetera”. Am I asking for press intrusion into my private life? Well, I don’t have to answer any of the questions about it!

* * * * * * * * *

The Boston Globe talks to the Constantines about their latest, Tournament of Hearts.

* * * * * * * * *

The Village Voice profiles indie band, Art Brut.

* * * * * * * * *

The National is profiled by The Independent as they embark on UK tour.