June 30, 2005

Hush Records Commemorative CD on iTunes

I just got this interesting email from Hush Records, about the west coast indie label offering a 50 track cd for the price of $9.99! The disc commemorates the 50th release by the label. Here is the press release:

Wednesday June 29th, Portland Oregon & Cupertino, CA:

Together with iTunes, the Portland, Or. label HUSH is pushing the digital music revolution envelope by offering all fifty tracks from their commemorative 50th CD release MILE on the popular music web site for the standard LP price of $9.99, less than twenty cents per song when purchased as an album. With over three hours of quality music delivered to the buyer with a few mouse clicks, this represents a record price point for iTunes, and further illustrates some advantages of the digital distribution model.

“I wasn’t sure if they’d go for it,” recounts HUSH proprietor Chad Crouch, “but it was like, sure, we can do that. No problem.” By offering the ample collection at a discounted price HUSH hopes to split the difference between the free lunch of file sharing and the de-facto iTunes ninety-nine cent price point, while making a strong case for their artist roster and label identity by tracing their roots over 50 tracks. The songs on MILE are unreleased, out of print and rare tracks culled from the seven year history of the label, which began by issuing "boutique" CD-R releases in the late 90's. The label quickly established itself as an outpost for quality independent music in the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on a cohesive artist roster to build a strong label identity in the tradition of iconic independent imprints, Motown, 4AD, and Dischord to name a few.

Highlights from the track list include The Decemberists' unreleased alternate version of "I Don't Mind" recorded during their Castaways and Cutouts sessions. Also, the first peek into Colin Meloy's pre-Decemberists history comes with the original version of "My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist", performed by his first band Tarkio. Norfolk and Western contribute a stellar out-take from sessions for their to be released record If You Were Born Overseas. Kind of Like Spitting performs a cover of the Blanket Music classic "Hips", whereas Blanket Music contributes outtakes from their Cultural Norms sessions "White Stripes" and "Bootstraps". Corrina Repp, Reclinerland, Jeff London, Kaitlyn ni Donovan and The Places offer glimpses into future recordings. Bobby Birdman and newcomer Toothfairy infuse the mix with some beats, while Esperanza Spalding (of Noise for Pretend) demonstrates her chops with the standard "Weaver of Dreams".

Click here for Various Artists "MILE - A HUSH Compilation" on iTunes: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playlistId=73163469

HUSH is also offering the complete 20 page booklet, issued with the CD as a free.pdf download, serving as a narrative and pictorial guide to the compilation: http://hushrecords.com/MILE.pdf

The Unicorns Give Birth To Islands

the unicorns

Fans of Montreal's, The Unicorns, listen up! Members of that eccentric and madcap indie band, Nick Diamonds and J'aime Tambour (aka Jaime Thompson), have formed a more indie-pop-centric band called, Islands (perhaps after the many islands which the city of Montreal sits upon). Islands music is not as lo-fi as The Unicorns, but these two tracks, available exclusively thanks to Elliott Aronow of thesimplemission.com, are just as ear catching and melodic as the band from which this one has been birthed.

... listen to Islands
+ abominable snow
+ flesh

June 28, 2005


*Sixeyes favourite albums for the first six months of 2005, listed 1 through 10. Ingenious isn't it? How do I do it?

1. John Vanderslice - Pixel Revolt (Barsuk)
2. Spoon - Gimme Fiction (Merge)
3. The National - Alligator (Beggars)
4. Antony & The Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now (Secretly Canadian)
5. Jason Collett - Idols of Exile (Arts & Crafts)
6. The Brokedown - The Dutchman's Gold (self-released)
7. David Fridlund - Amaterasu (Hidden Agenda)
8. The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (Matador/Mint)
9. The Lovely Feathers - My Best Friend Daniel (Love Your Diary)
10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - B-Sides & Rarities (Mute)
(for the third disc in the three disc package)

June 27, 2005

Jason Collett :: "Idols Of Exile"

You can stream Jason Collett's brilliant new album, Idols of Exile (arts & crafts), on his Arts & Crafts page by clicking on the music link (i should warn you arts & crafts is a flash site). Not only is it a collection of finely played, well written, and seductively sung music, it is also superbly produced by Howie Beck.

The album features performances from many of Jason’s closest friends; including most of the Broken Social Scene (Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff) and extended Broken Social Scene; Metric’s Emily Haines and James Shaw; Stars’ Amy Millan and Evan Cranley; Apostle Of Hustle’s Andrew Whiteman and Julian Brown; Do Make Say Think’s Charles Spearin; and Feist. Also making appearances on Idols Of Exile are some of Canada’s finest (if not well known) musicians, including: Andrew Cash, Chris Brown, Tony Sherr, Bob Egan, Jason Taite, Afie, Julie Penner, Liam O’Neil and Gonzales.

Idols of Exile was released in Canada on JUNE 14, 2005

Contact Jason at jasoncollett @ arts-crafts.ca

Fancey :: 'Magical Summer' MP3

Todd Fancey :: photo by Johann Wall

Fancey says it will be a 'Magical Summer'. And Fancey are... New Pornographers guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist, Todd Fancey, and NP's drummer, Kurt Dahle. Produced by New Pornos producer, Howard Redekopp, with help from Dahle and Vancouver Nights and The Gay's, Sara Lapsley; The Magical Summer EP will be released July 22 on March Records, and features these four tracks:

1. Daytime Driver
2. Blue Star
3. Magical Summer
4. Heaven's Way

Fancey are tuned into The Beach Boys wavelength - California, summertime, and all that, but they display a much more mellow veneer than Brian and the boys, especially on this mp3... a special offer of the EP's title track, kindly made available by March Records.

...from The Magical Summer EP
+ the magical summer

from Fancey's s/t debut album...
+ rock and roll rhythm
+ dial jupiter *
+ saturday am *
* these last two are linked to Fancey's website

*If you like these - Fancey is currently recording a second album, scheduled for release in 2006.

This Microwave World

Lovers of Canadian indie might call the sound of Austin, Texas, outfit, This Microwave World, 'Hot Hot Heat meets Tangiers'. Although on the band's label website it's suggested they are Jonathan Fire Eater crossed with The Stranglers. Formed three years ago, band members include Sean O'Neal (Guitar/Vocals), Evan Lawrence (Organ), Brandon Loe (Bass), Erin Mikulenka (Synth/Vocals), and Kevin Bybee (drums).

The guest appearance of Spoon's Britt Daniel, doing backing vocals on "The Party Line", has given this band some added attention (the attention of *Sixeyes included).

Give them a listen and let me know what you think... and let the band know as well.

You can purchase their first three EPs, t-shirts, and buttons, on their homepage. You can also find their debut full length, Red States, on their label, Tight Spot Records - official release date is July 19th.

+ The Party Line
+ You Are a Riot
+ Fun Fun Fun

June 25, 2005

Tilly and The Wall :: MP3s

Tilly and the Wall's label, the lovely Team Love, offer you the chance to download their artists albums to whet your appetite with an eye to buy their products.

Here are three tracks from Tilly and The Wall's release, Wild Like Children

+ Fell Down The Stairs
+ You and I Misbehaving
+ Shake It Out

You can listen to the rest of the album here and other releases on the Team Love label can be found here.

Basia Bulat

A very young woman, Basia Bulat delivers her songs with a striking voice, similar to fellow Canadian, Leslie Feist. But unlike Feist who on her last effort, Let it Die, made a successful effort to sing in a very detached and cool fashion, Bulat makes no attempt and uses her pleasing voice in a more natural style. Seeing as Bulat is so young, her musical path has yet to be determined; will she follow the path Feist is presently on or will she make a left turn onto the indie sidestreets that Feist herself trod on her debut, Monarch? At this point her songs show her youth and her influences, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon , among others, but with other stated inspiration coming from Hispanic singer/ songwriters, Joan Manuel Serrat and Silvio Rodriguez, she just may surprise listeners with the route she takes in the future.

Tonight (June 25th) in Toronto, Bulat will hold a cd release party at C'est What?

+ snakes and ladders

* several more mp3s can be found here on her site in varying degrees of polish and sound quality.

UPDATE: Go here and here for more up to date posts on Basia Bulat.

June 24, 2005

Bishop Allen

Sweet, simple pop done with style and grace. Funny how that's all it takes sometimes, isn't it? Bishop Allen formed in February 2003 and released their debut 3 months later. Entitled Charm School - it is a fantastic example of indie pop.

+ Busted Heart
+ Little Black Ache
+ Eve Of Destruction
+ Things Are What You Make Of Them


*Sixeyes New Look!

Finally I've, with some very special help, been able to get the new *Sixeyes look up online. This is the first time I've had a title banner, so I hope you guys like it. This new look was put up a little sooner than I would have liked due to a problem (AGAIN!) with blogger, therefore you may see a few little changes and/or problems in the coming days. Also, if you do spot anything odd please let me know through the contact link... thanks.

alan w

June 23, 2005


Based out of Fresno, CA, Rademacher have been making noise for a few months now and have already got an EP out on Greytank Records with another slated for this fall.

On their myspace page the band list some influences:

Old Nintendo Games, Mahjongg, Pit Er Pat, Man Man, Os Mutantes, Beck, Tom Petty,
Dios, The Casual Dots, Pine Marten, Earlimart, Panty Lions, Irving, Great
Northern, Pavement, The Kills, Citizens Here and Abroad, El Olio Wolof, PinkEye,
Modest Mouse, Murder City Devils and The Talking Heads.

Rademacher show great promise, I think you should give this quartet a listen and keep an eye open for the upcoming disc.

+ courtesy call
+ they are always into that
+ robot show

Discover New Music (Or Not)

I've got some recent discoveries for you, three bands without any connections, musical, familial, or extraterresterial:

The Muggs, a Detroit trio with ties to The Paybacks, who mine a classic rock, bluesy skronk sound.
Emperor X, whose lo-fi indie finesse is by turns anxious and caffeinated and then jangles likes keys and loose change in your pocket on a summer day.
The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (yes, that is the name of the band), give the listener quiet, intimate sketches masquerading as indie pop, or maybe it's the other way around -- indie pop masquerading as quiet, intimate sketches.

The Muggs
+ Gonna Need My Help
+ Rollin' B-Side Blues
+ Should've Learned My Lesson

Emperor X
+ Right to the Rails
+ Shut Shut Up
+ Exterminata Beat
+ Laminate Factory

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers
+ concerning lessons learned from the aliens
+ cannot eat better not sleep
+ on the occasion of a departure
+ the sun fell on you

June 21, 2005

NPR : Bloc Party in Concert MP3

Listen to Bloc Party's Washington, DC, concert from last Thursday... the full concert, a gracious gift from NPR - National Public Radio.

+ download concert [mp3]

June 19, 2005


Contramano is an electric, eclectic, experimental trio based in New York. Led by the fiery Argentinian, Pablo Cubarle, on electric cello, Contramano create fascinating music from diverse sources. This free full length mp3 does an admirable job of driving home the beat and the eclectism of the trio.

+ contramano [mp3]

*mp3 samples of the entire debut release of Contramano can be found here. The album will be released on July 8th.


PELA :: Exclusive Download!

Pela have got an exclusive limited-time mp3 called, "Operator", available from their fine, fine label, Brassland. This track shows the band can rock harder than you may have heard previously... check out my earlier post on Pela here and listen to their song, Episodes.

Currently playing close to their homebase -- pay them a visit if you're in the area...

Thu Jun 23 '05 (9pm) - Brooklyn, NY - North Six (w/ Rainer Maria, Copeland)
Sat Jul 30 '05 - Cincinnati, OH - Shake It Records (in-store)
Sat Jul 30 '05 (9:30pm) - Newport, KY - Southgate House (w/ Neva Dinova)
Also, there's a gig set for August in Brooklyn with Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah and Benji Cossa - so keep your eyes open for venue and date for that one.

+ operator (Rustebelt Mix)) Unreleased demo MP3
Recorded by Brad Albetta @ Monkey Boy Studios, NYC, NY. Mixed by Dave Allison and Al Sutton at Rustbelt Studios, Detroit, MI.

June 12, 2005

555 Recordings

555 Recordings is run by Brit Stewart Anderson of the band Boyracer. The label's US and UK counterparts are located in Flagstaff, Arizona and Leeds, England respectively.

Boyracer [brit/indie pop rock]
a history of snakes
Grey Tapes [indie rock]
white ant
Kanda [synth pop]
charlie green
Lucky Dragons [indie rock]
The Needles [indie pop]
dither pop
Printed Circuit [indie electronic]
act robotic

555 recordings
printed circuit
lucky dragons

*Vist their MP3 page here.

June 11, 2005

The Behoovers

NYC's, The Behoovers, recorded That's Right in 2001... giving the world what sounds like former punk rockers who have grown into power poppers (can I use that term?). Although, I see their website boasts links to what must be favourites of the band: Frank Black, The Kinks, Weezer, Rancid, and The Jam among others, so maybe I am just a touch off on the punk front.

The guitars crackle below the Brit grit of lead vocalist Jon Fox's love lost laments... listen...

+ simple plesures
+ shes_blowing_up
+ selfer

Jon Fox – Vox, Guitar
Paul McDaniel – Guitar, Vox
Jim Santo – Bass, Vox
Peter Gottovi – Drums


June 09, 2005


I spend some time on the pages of a couple of mp3 aggregators just about every day, but now I am wondering which is the preferred aggregator of *sixeyes readers? Do you even use one? If so which one do you prefer and why?

For those of you who don't use an aggregator how do you search through the ever increasing mass of mp3 blogs out there?

The two I use are Web Nymph's music page and the old stand-by, MP3Blogs.org.

Another two are The Hype Machine and elbo.ws

What do you use?!

June 08, 2005

'Through It All' Show *Sixeyes Some Love

Hey, kids! There's a new (I think it's new) music zine on the 'net. Called 'Through It All' it is the kind of place you indie music lovers will... uuh, love. It ain't stuffy, they don't follow the rules (if there are any), and they love music. Yeah, I know i'm throwing the word love around a lot... well it's 'cause I feel the love, the love from 'Through It All' who have blessed me with the honour of being their very first 'Featured MP3 Blog'.

Thanks guys, and I hope all *sixeyes readers pay 'Through It All' a visit.

June 07, 2005

The Vancouver Nights

Vancouver Nights are led by Sara Lapsley, a young Canadian woman who has enough talent to garner much more attention then she has received. Found on Endearing Records, she and the band put out their self-titled debut featuring the support of Destroyer's enigmatic Dan Bejar, who duets with Lapsley on this song...

+ a room of one's own

also from the album, Vancouver Nights...
+ all the right moves

*BUY the cd.

June 04, 2005

The Fame

The Fame. Are they gonna be the next flavour? The flavour that hooks into you like that big ol' hook on TV's old Gong Show... like something you have no control of. Or like that flavour that sticks with you like cherry gum to the sole of your Converse low tops?

I'm not going to answer... I can't answer for you... Listen and decide for yourself. I will say this... this is a great track.

+ Lost in You

*visit their site for mp3 samples.


Yes, The High Dials are another Canadian band... another great Canadian band. Just this past year saw the jangly, sixties influenced, Montreal quartet (now a five piece) picked by a certain savvy music mag (spin) as one of the ten best bands at this year's SXSW. Set to release their latest, War Of The Wakening Phantoms, recorded at Montreal’s Stock Market Audio with Joseph Donovan, a producer who has worked with the Dears, on June 7th... here is a cartload of mp3s from the band...

from War Of The Wakening Phantoms (2005)
+ the holy ground
+ soul in lust
+ strandhill sands

from A New Devotion (2003)
+ can you hear the bells
+ the dead hand
+ diamonds in the dark
+ fields in glass
+ mornings white vibration

The band is currently on tour.
*Bonus: go here for a highly interesting tour diary of the band .

June 02, 2005

Hug Robot Radio :: Scott returns with heart.

Maybe some of you remember an mp3 blog called Jersey Shore... it died a noble death not too long ago. Put down, regrettably, by it's creator, Scott. But now Scott makes a return with a resurrected Jersey Shore, well at least the spirit of that promising blog, with Hug Robot Radio. It is a newborn babe (actually born two days ago, which is the true birthday of this here blog, *sixeyes... May 31st) so be gentle and bring some baby wipes.

Welcome back, Scott!


A song for the morning... the Sprites unreleased cover of Flesh for Lulu...

+ i go crazy